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Orient Shipping Services LLC

Orient Shipping Services LLC was established in 1990, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sharaf Group of Dubai.

Orient Shipping Services LLC is active as a slot operator in the Middle East, Indian sub-continent and South East Asia. Orient Shipping provides an extensive coverage of services with multiple frequency.

As margins in our industry grow ever-leaner, shipping companies, both large and small, look to obtain maximum utilization of slots deployed. By trading slots, lines create a 'virtual currency', and this synergy is the basis for Orient Shipping's trading pattern.

The result is a network of shipping opportunities, especially catering for smaller parcels, with a multiplicity of sailings, creating a frequency which is among the very best available.

Orient Shipping is a one-stop window for such traffic, wherever, whatever the volume. Our growth in recent years is clear evidence of the popularity of the concept, and our ability to execute that policy to the satisfaction of both cargo and slot providers.

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